Our offer

Our offers

Arcsys Software designs and proposes solutions that provide customers benefits such as:

  • Archival Consolidation: Arcsys Software allows archival consolidation of any types of business applications and any kind of archived objects in the company into an unified archiving platform. With applications such as: documents, email (...)

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Our offer

Arcsys Software designs and proposes solutions that provide customers benefits such as:

  • Convergence and mutualisation

    Arcsys is able through its Connectors, Injectors and Web Services to collect Documents and Data coming from various applications in the company (Documents, Email, Contracts, Invoices, Voice, ERP, HR, Databases, Data, Business Applications).
    Each one of these information sources has its own rules of management (Records Management) on a platform of unified conservation ready to support compromise high levels of research and consultation.

  • Solution of confidence and compliance

    Through its levels of service, Arcsys allows to establish the necessary technical solution to cover the various risks associated with the digitalization and conservation of documents and data of the company. 
It will be thus possible to define as many “services of conformity” (evidence value) that necessary, all managed by Arcsys according to the applicable regulations (governance) and of the risk evaluated like acceptable by the company. 
Each service understands various bearing degrees on the Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Proof service.
    The solution is fully compatible with the particular constraints dictated by international laws and regulations. 
Safety regulations and confidentiality are applicable on a per category of documents basis.

  • Long term data preservation and sustainability

    Obsolescence is the reason for which existing systems are most often replaced, the non-reversibility then constituting the main obstacle. It is because we regularly conduct replacements of obsolete systems, we are masters perfectly migration techniques and we have embedded natively in Arcsys appropriate solutions. 

    Arcsys is equipped with routines of control, migrations and conversions to automatically compensate for obsolescence in logical formats, physical containers and cryptographic mechanisms.
    This is because we have taken into account that the shelf life of the archives is usually greater than the lifetime of technologies that we have made Arcsys agnostic to the infrastructures and compatible with the most current technologies on the market. If a technical component becomes obsolete, another functionally equivalent component will be able to replace it.

  • High performance and robust solution

    Arcsys is built around a modular architecture to achieve high goals for performance and redundancy. The solution is reliable, highly available and can be integrated into business continuity architecture between remote sites.

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