Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)

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  • Archival Consolidation: Arcsys Software allows archival consolidation of any types of business applications and any kind of archived objects in the company into an unified archiving platform. With applications such as: documents, email (...)

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Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)

The main aim of Hierarchical Storage Management (or HSM) is to optimize the cost of storage by automatically moving data less accessed and the larger to a cheaper hierarchy of storage.

The Arcsys suite has a specific software module (ArcHSM) that provides storage tier virtualization on the top of the storage layers. It allows to present highly capacitive hierarchical file systems, including disks and tapes to servers through network protocols.

ArcHSM brings some benefits frequently required in the scientific discipline:

  • Storage of very large sizes digital objects
  • Optimization of storage media filling
  • Presentation of all files within a single namespace
  • Recycling tape media (recovery of areas released by modified or deleted files)
  • Criteria of eligibility for each file in order to adopt the optimum level of service
  • Securing Data by multiple copies in real time
  • Strict guarantee of no corruption of data
  • Transparent access to users and applications
  • Centralized monitoring features on the whole system (software and hardware)

Arcsys software brings to the scientific discipline and the fairly closed circle HSM software, classification and management of integrity more commonly encountered in the documentary field.

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