Long Term Preservation

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Arcsys Software designs and proposes solutions that provide customers benefits such as:

  • Archival Consolidation: Arcsys Software allows archival consolidation of any types of business applications and any kind of archived objects in the company into an unified archiving platform. With applications such as: documents, email (...)

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Long Term Preservation

The conservation of data in companies requires a continuity whose complexity increases exponentially according to stored volumetries, duration of retention of information and the evidence value of managed documents.

On the long term, prevention against technological obsolescence is fundamental as well as the ability to open the platform to new applications or new technologies:

  • The ageing of storage is likely to generate losses of data
  • Insidious obsolescence of a component of the architecture might require the renewal of the technical platform
  • Obsolescence of data formats should be monitored to ensure the readability of the stock of information
  • The barriers at the exit such as lack of reversibility, protocols or proprietary components must be removed
  • Interoperability with business applications is a recurring theme throughout the life of the platform and requires both openness and scalability
  • The progressive loss of evidence value is also a matter to the extent that it is both sensitive to regulatory changes but also to the obsolescence of protections implemented

Arcsys is an offer especially adapted to very long term archiving, it provides including:

  • A permanent checking of the structure of the contents and readibility of the containers with migration or automatic conversion upon detection of obsolescence
  • A warranty of exhaustive conservation of the traceability of the activities
  • A strict preservation of the integrity and intelligibility of content
  • A classification of the information adapted to business requirements
  • An ongoing interoperability compliance of the platform via new technologies and those most widespread on the market
  • An operational continuity guaranteed through advanced multi-site and multi-copies
  • A scalable architecture to achieve a high level of performance

Sustainability requires technical answers based on the continual control of the obsolescence of the system and the archives, the automated migration and conversion and finally the total reversibility of the system. It is precisely on these principles that Arcsys was built.

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