Technical and Scientific data preservation

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Arcsys Software designs and proposes solutions that provide customers benefits such as:

  • Archival Consolidation: Arcsys Software allows archival consolidation of any types of business applications and any kind of archived objects in the company into an unified archiving platform. With applications such as: documents, email (...)

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Technical and Scientific data preservation

In the areas of research, design, in all areas where the preservation of knowledge is fundamental, it is essential to take all measures to ensure long-term preservation of the information produced and avoid giving up this precious knowledge and so volatile.

Arcsys offers a simple solution for the preservation very long term of the industrial heritage of the company. The main functions are as follows:

  • Support all type digital objects of any size and format (Data, 2D, 3D, Directories, Multimedia, …)
  • Storage media independence
  • Monitoring against media aging
  • Monitoring against integrity errors
  • Transparent automatic migration of one medium to another in case of need (planned) or in the event of integrity errors on hardware
  • Operational in any technical environment
  • Different levels of service depending on the objectives
  • Simple GUI to consult, inventory and search in the archives stock
  • Manipulates single objects or set of objects

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